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The Geocitizen Magazine, a non-profit organization, stands as a concrete example of what the social economy can accomplish. It presents the cities of Quebec as citizens see it, in all of its most exceptional and unique aspects. This magazine, designed by volunteers, is a community initiative from start to finish.

A popular success since its first edition in 2010, Geocitizen magazine relies for its publication on a community of volunteers that continues to grow, year after year.

For the seventh edition of the magazine, more than 250 volunteers (authors, photographers and collaborators) have already confirmed their participation in this citizen initiative in co-creation.

Focused on identity, history, heritage, quality of life, knowledge, creativity, innovation and culture, the editorial orientation of the magazine is “Creation, Innovation and Connections”.

Creation – In a multicultural city, the values and social commitment of the city and its residents manifest themselves in a variety of projects and initiatives. Accordingly, the magazine puts an emphasis on this key characteristic of the city, both on the local level and in a provincial and international context.

Innovation –  By its very nature, innovation is a process in constant evolution, much like cities themselves. The cities combine urban design, cutting-edge industries, culture and social activism, as well as a unique pool of knowledge and experience, and the magazine shines a spotlight on initiatives and accomplishments in all these domains.

Connections – Quebec’s cities are a lively and welcoming city, where any artistic, cultural, scientific, or culinary occasion can spark an exchange of ideas and inspire people to work together.

In collaboration with l’Union des municipalités du Québec (UMQ), the Geocitizen Magazine invites its readers to come and enjoy the many on-site architectural heritage, tourism and cultural heritage, historical spolights, speaking places, gourmet stops, which make the charm of other cities and municipalities in Quebec.

The Geocitizen magazine is published for the benefit of the charity Un vélo une ville (french link) whose mission is to improve the living conditions of seniors by breaking their isolation, while contributing to the academic success of young people.

The Geocitizen Magazine was called Geotourism Magazine. The magazine exists since 2010.


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This magazine, designed by volunteers, is a community initiative. Thank you to all our volunteers and partners for their support and cooperation in this citizen realization.

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