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The plateau Mont-Royal : Don’t miss it!


Often known simply as “the Plateau”, this district is perhaps the most eclectic and intensely French-speaking zone in all of Montreal.


The hectic pace of life here, and the mix of styles and genres, are perfectly characteristic of this part of Montreal.


In spite of its more flamboyant and dynamic side, the Plateau Mont-Royal is also a calm and peaceful place that might fairly be described as a “little corner of paradise”. With its flower-lined residential streets and lovely green spaces like the Parc Lafontaine and the Parc du Mont-Royal, this corner of the city can be one of the most inspiring places in Montreal to get away from the daily grind.


One of the many charming places to take a break in the Plateau is on St. Louis Square. Dating from 1876, this neighbourhood square is surrounded by gorgeous Victorian homes.


The Plateau Mont-Royal is guaranteed to win your heart!


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