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The Grévin museum comes to Montreal


Arthur Meyer had the original idea of a museum for three-dimensional likenesses of famous 

personalities; Alfred Grévin created the figures, and Gabriel Thomas provided the financing. 

Since its opening on June 5th, 1882, the Grévin museum has been an essential part of any visit 

to Paris.


Now, Montreal has its own Grévin museum— the first Grévin “spinoff” in the world!

About 120 incredibly lifelike statues of celebrities, including 40 from Quebec, hold court on 

the 5th floor of the Eaton Centre.


The exhibition is organized into several themes: sports, TV, performances, history and video 

games. Each themed exhibit is a masterpiece of ingenuity and interactivity, thanks to the 

efforts of Montreal companies like Moment Factory.


The museum also makes room for historical figures from Quebec, including Cartier, 

Maisonneuve, and representatives of the First Nations.


This unique attraction gives the general public an amazing opportunity to get up close and 

personal with public figures both past and present, and a few fictional characters as well.


Musée Grévin Montréal

705, rue Sainte-Catherine Ouest

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