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Montreal, a world unto itself


Montreal is making a name for itself. No surprise there.We’ve all heard about the Vegas 

acrobatics of the Cirque du Soleil, the fearsome assassins of Ubisoft’s video games, and 

the creative talent of the entrepreneurs at Montreal’s own Circo Bazuka that’s been 

exported to Dubai, Kiev and Paris. The Chamber of Commerce can point to all of them 

with pride.


But who are these Montrealers, the lifeblood of the city? Just the same folks you stand 

next to in the morning on the orange, green or blue lines, still half-asleep.


Of the 1,785,935 or so residents of Montreal, 874,435 speak French as their first 

language, while 309,885 are English speakers. Other native tongues include Arabic with 

90,990 speakers, Italian with 83,475, and Spanish with 78,100. Of the 30,285 immigrants 

from China, 7115 are Cantonese speakers; and 19,100 Vietnamese, 18,120 Portuguese 

and Brazilians, 17,555 Romanians, 10,155 Poles, and 21,245 Greeks make their home 

here. Another 11,265 speak Tamil (India, Sri Lanka, Malaysia), 9390 speak Bengali 

(Bangladesh, India), 7510 speak Urdu (Pakistan) and some 1020 express themselves in 



The list goes on with 3590 Hebrew speakers, 6780 Germans, 5095 Turks, and a few 

thousand others not listed here.


It’s hardly surprising to hear Yupei Hsu, a Taiwanese immigrant married to a Montrealer, 

declare that “Everything’s so different than in Edmonton, so much more harmonious than 

other places.”


Then she adds with a smile that back in Taipei, she didn’t even know we spoke French 




Ville de Montréal

Cirque du soleil


Circo de Bakuza


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