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Culinary specialties

Every country has certain culinary specialties that it likes to share with tourists. It gives 

our visitors a chance to discover and appreciate what makes us different and original in 

comparison with other places. It’s even a part of each country’s identity.


Montreal, which in the past few years has truly transformed itself into a city of 

gastronomic delights, is driven by a passion for sharing not only its more traditional 

dishes, but also those that are invented by its exceptionally creative chefs. That’s how 

traditional home-cooked dishes like tourtière and shepherd’s pie, symbols of a deeply-

rooted food culture, can find their place both in neighbourhood diners and— in 

modernized and refined variations— in some of the city’s finest establishments.


At the crossroads of numerous culinary cultures, our chefs are constantly inventing new 

specialties, and nowadays they’re increasingly using locally-sourced products in their 

creations. Much as in the famous Nordic cuisine, wild-grown foods such as mushrooms 

find culinary acceptance alongside flower buds (roses, daylilies, nasturtiums...) and 

balsam fir. The taste of the wild outdoors, with a rich variety of game (venison, boar ...), is 

taking on a greater role in the kitchens of Quebec.


Smoked foods like scallops, fatty fishes and meats provide even more new ranges of 



In general, our chefs are placing bolder flavours at the forefront, and foie gras is no 

longer a rare delicacy. As a matter of fact, the ubiquitous popular dishes of yesteryear 

are now taking a back seat, in Quebec as elsewhere, to personalized dishes through 

which individual chefs can each give us a taste of their unique genius.

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