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An urban aesthetic from wall to wall



A bold and confident form of art, murals bring a refreshing dose of artistic modernity to the walls of the city. Free of any specific political demands, but with deep roots in Montreal’s urban culture, street artists, graffiti artists and other outdoor aesthetes let their passion show on every street corner, all summer long— with stickers and spray cans, on the walls and on the ground.


Here in Montreal, mural art is acclaimed and recognized as an art unto itself. At the MURAL Festival and Under Pressure, for example, mural art takes center stage, giving underground artists a chance to win Montrealers and tourists over with their undeniable talent. Though somewhat limited at first, this growing fascination with mural art has already given rise to some exceptional artists’ collectives. The EN MASSE collective comes to mind, with their visually unique style that connects perfectly with the spirit of Montreal. One well-known example is the loading area at Espace GO on Saint-Laurent and its wildly imaginative black-and-white world. There’s also the A’Shop collective, whose giant murals reflect the history of the neighbourhoods around them.


The City of Montreal has even set up programs to raise awareness of mural art around the city. If you’re interested, check out the section of the City website that features a virtual map of all the murals that received support from the city. There are already more than 40 of them!



Festival MURAL

Collectif EN MASSE (en anglais)

Collectif A'SHOP

Under Pressure

Ville de Montréal (murales)

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