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Light up the city!


Montréal is known for its artistic innovation and digital creativity. This year, a number of new projects will highlight this aspect of the City as it celebrates its 375th anniversary. Watch for them throughout the year as you explore Montréal!


Living illumination of the Jacques Cartier bridge

Billed as a “living connection”, this interactive lighting installation is inspired by the bridge’s structure, and changes in harmony with the seasons and the energy of the city. Different types of data produced by the city will be gathered in real time, combined, and expressed in patterns of light. By pushing the limits of innovation, this project will bring new life to one of Montréal’s most iconic structures.


The Notre-Dame Basilica: illuminating the sacred

AURA is a lighted pathway that reveals all the splendour of the Basilica. A captivating experience of progressive immersion guides visitors to the very heart of Notre-Dame, where light, orchestral music and majestic architecture then come together in a three-act multimedia show.

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Montréal AVUDO: the history of an iconic river

Set on the water, Montréal AVUDO pays poetic tribute to the River, travelling back in time through the changing seasons. The Old Port will host 100 performances of this production, featuring spectacular projections that recall the memory of those who arrived by the River and whose lives revolved around it, and those who built, innovated and set off once more to connect Montréal to the rest of the world. A tribute to the Saint Lawrence River that shaped the history of Québec’s greatest city.


Ville de Montréal 

Alive 375


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