Explore the fascinating history of plants!



In 2019, the museums of the Space for Life are exploring nature and biodiversity from an evolutionary perspective. How did phenomena that took hundreds and thousands of millennia to unfold shape the fascinating history of life on our planet?

For an answer to this question, come to the Botanical Garden any time this summer to visit the Plant Odyssey, an exploration trail where you can retrace the emergence of the major types of plant structures, from mosses and leaves to flowers and woods. A 2.4-billion-year epic to experience as a family!


Then, in November, the Rio Tinto Alcan Planetarium presents the immersive film Horizon, which looks back at the earliest moments of our universe. From the geocentric theory to heliocentrism, and from a static view of the cosmos to the Big Bang theory, this film goes to the heart of space exploration through an examination of the historical figures who contemplated the stars and sought to reveal their mysteries.


While inviting visitors to look back at the fantastic history of life, this year’s events at Space for Life also give us an opportunity to consider humanity’s great responsibility to the world that has resulted from this incredible process of evolution.




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