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It may be surprising to think of Montréal as a green city, considering that it’s covered with a thick layer of white for almost 7 months out of the year. But don’t be fooled: plants are growing and flourishing throughout the city all year round! When the ground’s too cold for crops, some farmers move to the rooftops — like Lufa Farms, who were the first in the city to build a commercial greenhouse on a roof!


Montréal is one of many cities in the world with a growing focus on urban ecology, with committed support from individual residents, organizations, and the municipal government.


Since 1995, the “Éco-Quartier” program for environmentally-friendly neighbourhoods has helped to encourage residents to make their city a greener place to live. From spring cleanups in back alleys to composting workshops, each neighbourhood gets the support it needs to find solutions to its own specific challenges and needs.

Building on what they’ve learned, many residents then take their involvement a step further and create “green alleyways” or community gardens. With its 97 community gardens, Montréal is a world leader in urban agriculture.


If you’re a Montréal resident who’d like to do more for your city, consider supporting the Soverdi organization, which has been planting trees since 1992 to fight against heat islands and pollution and make Montréal a green city!

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