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Though not widely known, the work done by researchers at Space for Life is essential. Their goal is to achieve a better understanding of life itself. Among other things, they develop and implement solutions to clean up ground, air and water pollution using plants or microorganisms; help to develop of conservation programs; work to save endangered species or environments; and much more.


At the Researchers’ Night taking place at the Rio Tinto Alcan Planetarium on November 15, visitors will have a chance to rub elbows with these remarkably accessible workers from little-known fields that are nevertheless essential to humanity’s future.


Spend an evening in a festive, off-kilter atmosphere with researchers eager to share the details of their day-to-day work, their most successful (and less successful) moments, and their revolutionary research projects.


Technological advances and the state of our environment are pushing researchers to quickly adopt a much broader perspective. What are their lives like in 2019? How are drones, smartphones and other tools revolutionizing their ways of investigating the world? These explorers at the frontiers of discovery take time to share with you about how they’re helping to advance our scientific knowledge.





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