Commitment, Perseverance and Success Setting a good example in Trois-Rivières!



For the third consecutive season, our pedicabs will be hitting the road in Trois-Rivières to offer rides to major tourist attractions and to serve as shuttles for visitors to a variety of social and cultural events. One of our continuing objectives is to offer this service for free through support from our partners.


With over 3600 passengers from all over the world last summer alone, every ride we give is a chance for a young student operator to increase their commitment to the community, to show their perseverance at work, to talk about the progress they’re making toward success in school, and to make lots of social contacts that are essential to their personal development!


When you climb aboard in one of our pedicabs, you get more than just a ride — you get a full-fledged experience that encourages commitment, perseverance and success!

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