Discovering urban art in Longueuil


As you walk through Longueuil, you’ll discover a variety of urban art in some twenty murals throughout the city. Buildings, overpasses, stairways and even public pianos come to life through the efforts of artists who reclaim public spaces to express themselves in the urban landscape.


Long considered a marginal art form, street art is taking on an ever-larger role in revitalizing and re-energizing areas that could use a dose of beauty. In Longueuil, walls are made available to graffiti artists to let them create new works without running afoul of the law. These spaces are essential as a community showcase for urban art, providing places to share and exchange ideas that give rise to exciting new art projects.


While many municipalities still frown on most forms of urban art, the City of Longueuil has demonstrated the boldness and diversity of its cultural offerings by publishing an Urban Art Policy in 2014. To read it, or to see images of these murals and their locations, visit

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