The La Fontaine Park



Plateau-Mont-Royal residents are spoiled, surrounded as they are by so many parks. Whether you think about Mount-Royal Park, Laurier park or the many neighbourhood parks, green spaces are everywhere. However, if there is one that stands out from the others, it is the La Fontaine Park.


A friendly game of pétanque, a frendzied baseball game or tennis match, endless picnics or also idleness near the water... there is something for everyone! Ask anyone, everybody has a story or a memory to share about this unique place. La Fontaine Park is like Montrealers’ backyard!


Montrealers love it so much that since 2015, the City of Montreal engaged in a vast consultation process to imagine the future of the La Fontaine Park. Since March 2016, more than 1 900 people participated in the Parc La Fontaine vos idées pour demain surveys and workshops.


In 2018, La Fontaine Park Masterplan was approved by the City of Montreal Administration. One more step towards a rejuvenation during which the park’s unique urban and landscape characteristics will be restored. Surroundings will be renewed as a boulevard-sidewalk, Calixa-Lavallée and Émile-Duployé Avenues will be closed to vehicular traffic and redesigned as comfortable pedestrian walkways, and numerous trees will be planted to reinforce the park’s natural beauty.


Those ideas were received with great enthusiasm by Montrealers, who are already impatient to enjoy the renewed park. Now then, will you be more pétanque or farniente? In any case, the La Fontaine Park is already waiting for you! (French only)

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